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Cell Phones and Coffee?

Cell Phones and Coffee?

Cell phones and Coffee together in one shop? A weird concept? Well, not if you break it down to the basics. The two share a common denominator: Connecting People.

There are certain places where people are known to gather- coffee shops, bars, etc. These are the places where friends meet to chat over a cup of coffee, small group meetings happen over soup and sandwiches, and coworkers meet after work for happy hour. Communication has changed, the majority of the world today live on social media. We have busy and hectic schedules filled with work, school, etc. and often must rely on Facebook, snapchat, and Instagram to stay connected with friends and family. As a mother and wife, I am all too familiar with all the daily demands of life. I know we can go into "auto pilot" getting through our daily routines without much thought because we do much of the same things everyday. Living life this way can become monotonous and unfulfilling. As humans we are created for connections and to build relationships with one another. Sadly, today we are more connected via social media than in reality.

Back to the Basics

We need help remembering to slow down and enjoy the moment. There are so many things we miss and overlook when we are constantly in a hurry. My goal is to provide those opportunities- to sit down and have a cup of coffee and find out how your neighbor, coworker, or friend is really doing. Real communication and real connections. My hope is that the Wireless Cafe will be a gathering place where connections will be made, maintained, and/or restored.


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