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A Word To The Body

The key to obtaining and rightly managing the manifested promises of God is operating in the spirit by faith. Being trained in the spirit allows us to deny the flesh and manifest the fruit of the spirit. The gifts and callings of God are irrevocable, but his anointing is proof of relationship. THE POWER OF GOD'S ANOINTING COMES UPON THE LIFE OF A PERSON WHO IS EXERCISED AND TRAINED IN THE SPIRIT. God has decreed a circumcision in the body of Christ, a cutting away of the flesh. He has called us higher to be seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus and operate as he does according to the spirit.

Henceforth KNOW NO MAN ACCORDING TO THE FLESH, though we have known Christ according to the flesh yet now henceforth know we him no more. Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold all things are become new.

This is how the church is to regard one another, AS SPIRIT NOT AS FLESH. We have operated according to what is familiar (what is well known from long or close association). It is said that familiarity breeds contempt and this contempt for one another manifests as discord, dislike, scorn, disrespect and disapproval running rampant in the body of Christ. Familiarity is why we are dealing with each other according to what we know about each other in the natural instead of seeking what the spirit of God is saying. We are easily offended, hypersensitive due to pride, and quick to judge what our eyes see before we listen for what God is saying.

When we know each other according to the spirit we allow room for growth as we each go from glory to glory and faith to faith we can recognize the transformation process taking place in the life of our brethren and allow each other grace and mercy to grow, even when we have flesh screaming from the purifying fire. We are to be a comfort and balm to one another as well as iron sharpening iron.

WALK IN THE SPIRIT, being led by God and allowing the fruit of the Spirit to be manifest in you interactions.

KNOW EACH OTHER ACCORDING TO THE SPIRIT, being merciful, compassionate, and patient with one another.

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