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2017 Write Read and RUN

So, I have a confession to make:

I write for ME

That's it, that's my confession. I write to bring order to the chaos in my mind and give voice to the thoughts that won't seem to stop unit I put them out into the atmosphere. It's my most profound way of sharing. Better even than my spoken words because my thoughts as words on paper or computer screen become your thoughts as you read them. Have you ever thought on that? When you are reading to yourself, you are speaking someone else's words/thoughts in your own voice to yourself. As you read the words, you hear them just as the writer heard them. There is power in reading and writing.

With that being said, have you ever been "haunted" by thoughts? Meaning the same re-occurring and lingering thoughts seem to keep coming up in your mind, even showing up in things you read or watch or displaying themselves as principle ideas in your daily experiences. It's like your thoughts are stalking and even confronting you, asking you a question: "What is it that I AM saying to you?"As a person who thrives on meaning and purpose, I need to know the answers to that question.

So, back to my confession, I write for myself. I write so that I have a permanent physical manifestation of what otherwise could have been denied and cast away as a figment of my imagination had I not stopped to record it on paper. This is my proof. It is an act of faith on my behalf. I am writing the vision before it can be seen with the naked eye. God says, "Write the vision and make it plain, that he may run who reads it, for it is a vision of what is to come for though it may tarry, it will surely come (paraphrase)." I LOVE that! "That he may run who reads it!" Run why? To proclaim! That they who hear it may prepare!

Prepare for the manifestation of the vision, make room, set the atmosphere, get the house in order!

So here it is, my ebenezer, my stone of remembrance, and my arrow pulled tightly on its bow surrounded in darkness yet aimed squarely at the target. Bullseye, it can't miss. Not one of God's promises can fail and His word cannot return unto Him void, for He is alert and active watching over His word to perform it and it will accomplish everything He set it out to do.

2017 is the year of complete victory. No more wavering between two positions. No more going back and forth between your past and your future. You will choose whom you will serve and it will be forever settled. There is a separation taking place. God will raise up His church. No more division within the body of Christ. No more putting the natural before the spiritual. For those separated unto the right, God will pour out unlimited favor, no prayer too big, no request denied because the ultimate purpose is God's glory revealed among His people put on display to the nations and to principalities and powers in heavenly places. Dig ditches and God will fill them for your provision and the destruction of your enemies, prepare room and God will meet your deepest desire, whatever promises that have died God will resurrect. Wherever you have experienced lack, gather everything that is empty and God will pour out in your life as much as you make room to receive. Fresh anointing flowing and overflowing from the head and dripping from the garment.

You have been asking for more, but have not made room. So a shaking came into your life to put you in discomfort so that you would not settle before you reach the promise. What you saw before was just a trickle compared to the flood that is coming. God will complete what He started in you. He is the author and finisher of your faith. He has perfected all that concerns you and He will never forsake the work of His hands. You are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works, prepared before time that you should walk in them.

I keep hearing, "Make room, make room, make room, stretch out, stretch out, stretch out, prepare, prepare, prepare." There is so much unrealized potential that God wants to bring forth. There are three critical keys to this season:

1) Stop wrestling with God. Get your house in order and get in position. I'm not saying you have the ability to fix yourself or your situation, I am saying you must surrender in your heart and accept God's will for your life. Walk in your integrity- which is your God ordained purpose- no more excuses and giving passes to the flesh.

2) Don't be afraid to be small but think big. Take the limits off your dreams and visions. God has made room for your gifts and your testimony. Prepare for abundance spiritually and naturally. There will be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and a transfer of wealth and resources.

3) Prophesy! Say it out LOUD. Continuously declare and proclaim out loud the promises of God and the vision.

I pray that those who have an ear to hear will hear what the Spirit of God is saying and prepare for what God wants to do through His church in this season.

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