1Kept Woman, 3 Small Businesses

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I began my first business officially in August of 2008, Kept Women, a non profit organization dedicated to destroying the negative stereotypes of women found in the media, family patterns, and the community. Birthed from my own testimony, as a young woman healed from rejection and abandonments wounds caused by my absent father. I knew that our childhood pain and trauma create the framework for negative behaviors and habits that often follow us well into adulthood.

My mission with Kept Women has always been to operate as a catalyst for the healing process as well as to teach practical preventative measures to young girls and women. Our range of services are wide, counseling, mentoring, small groups, speaking engagements, workshops, etc as well as simply being voice of edification and encouragement through social media and this blog. Within the next year, I will be releasing my personal memoir: "Psalms of a Kept Woman: My Testimony and Memoir," a workbook/journal for women titled, "The Time of Love," and a book of psalms, notes, and devotionals also titled, "Psalms of a Kept Woman." My ultimate goal is to establish rapid-rehousing homes for teenage mothers and single women.

My two most recent projects are foundational in establishing the revenue streams necessary to fuel the passion and vision of my non profit, Page Plus Wireless Cafe and Exodus 33 INC.