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After God's Own Heart

Sharing the mystery of the heart of a woman. Many men have avoided, misused, and misunderstood the depths of a woman's heart. King David shared his heart's experience with God in the book of Psalms. This blog is to take an adventure into the unknown heart of a woman who is KEPT by God in every way that most would consider impossible or even unnecessary. A woman truly after the heart of God...these are the Psalms of 1 Kept Woman


About The Blog

As I look around the world of bloggers, I must say I feel right at home! I am wondering why I haven’t joined in all the fun sooner! I am absolutely a writer at heart, always have been! My second grade teacher noted in my reading and writing folder, “Marquita has a real flair for writing!” I am actually more comfortable expressing myself through written word than spoken word. I am also an avid reader. I enjoy exploring the writing style of other authors & writers almost as much as I enjoy sharing my own.

I have many thoughts to share! My mind is always going. If you can’t find me it's because I am away in my head, “Marquita’s World.” Would you join me there?

I believe the way to any person’s heart is through their words. Thoughts are words conceived in the mind, Spoken words are powerful demonstrations of what lies in the heart, but written words prove and bear witness to what would otherwise be unknown or else forgotten.

My passion is to share my heart as it reflects the glory of God, so that others may come to know His heart more clearly. May my words prove and bear witness to my Father, the only wise and sovereign God, my Savior and redeemer, and the magnificent workings of the Holy Spirit.

Here is my heart

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