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I AM One Kept Woman
Business Services

Assisting You with Branding &Launching 

Business Coaching
As your business coach, I will be assisting you in successfully launching your new business. Coaching includes assistance in selecting your best fit business structure, establishing your business entity within your state of operation, business planning (establishing the vision, mission, and goals of your business) as well as your own customized brand kit (name, tag line, logo design). In the second tier of coaching, I will operate as your business' personal marketing liaison, networking and connecting you with your target demographic and industry peers. So whether you are launching a new business or re-branding an existing business, I will coach you through the process. Allow "One Kept Woman Business Services" assist you in establishing your brand name and presence as a leader in the marketplace. Click the link below to set up a FREE consultation to discuss your business' needs. 


As Well As Providing Team & Individual Development for Your Organization

Community Engagement Coordinator

As your Community Engagement Coordinator, "One Kept Woman Business Services" provides workshops, classes, and training for the “MORE THAN just” organization, sports team, and special interest groups. “MORE THAN just” basketball, “MORE THAN just” dance, “MORE THAN just” football. We also facilitate mutually beneficial connections for your organization within the the community with other organizations in your realm of influence. As your Community Engagement Coordinator, I support leaders and coaches who believe in investing in the personal development of their team members. Let's connect to further discuss your organization's needs.


 Schedule your FREE consultation and let's see which service is the best fit for you!

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