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1 Kept Woman

In All Her Ways


Psalms of 1 Kept Woman

Being a Kept Woman encompasses so much more than financial security or sexual purity. Being Kept is way of thinking that effects every aspect of your life and everything you do. It's a commitment to yield to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It's the delicate balance of strength in vulnerability, leadership in submission, and humility in the exercise of authority.

God is the great I AM, he has many sides yet he is inherently consistent in all his ways. Since we are made in his image, we also have many roles and titles in life. We are sister, friend, mother, teacher, employee, student, daughter, and the list goes on. We can reflect God's glory in each role and even in where we stumble and fall short, there are hidden treasures of wisdom & grace, goodness & mercy that keep us from being utterly cast down. My intent with this area of Psalms of 1 Kept Woman, is to put a few of those specific roles on display and share the nuggets of wisdom and insight Holy Spirit has taught me.

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