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The Trials & Triumphs of a Female Small Business Owner

These psalms are my insights and experiences launching and maintaining a non profit organization and two small businesses. Staying motivated, finding balance, overcoming setbacks, and continuing to push forward to break barriers and establish longevity and legacy for generations to come.

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1 Kept Woman, 3 Small Businesses

Establishing a Foundation and Fueling the Passion

I began my first business officially in August of 2008, Kept Women, a non profit organization dedicated to destroying the negative stereotypes of women found in the media, family patterns, and the community. Birthed from my own testimony, as a young woman healed from rejection and abandonments wounds caused by my absent father. I knew that our childhood pain and trauma create the framework for negative behaviors and habits that often follow us well into adulthood.

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Cell Phones and Coffee?

The concept for Page Plus Wireless Cafe is based on building connections and relationships. My light bulb moment was a simple idea of cell phones and coffee together in one shop. A weird concept? Well, not if you break it down to the basics.  The two share a common denominator: Connecting People. 

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The Mass Exodus is Now

Now more than ever, people are seeking out ways to make income on their own terms. Perks such as flexibility in scheduling, being your own boss, and setting your own goals are why many people are becoming independent contractors for ride sharing companies like Uber or food delivery services like Postmates or Doordash. Exodus 33 Inc. is birthed from the same desire and serves as an opportunity and outlet for someone who is ready to exit the main stream way of making a living.

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